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  • Arnor

    "Arnor":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arnor is this kingdom in which most of our campaign will focus. Arnor was once the kingdom in the north for the [[Dunadan]], however, it has been fractured into three kingdoms: [[Arthedain]], [[Cardolan]] and [[Rhudaur …

  • Arthedain

    Athedain is one of the kingdoms of [[Arnor]]. In 1408 of the [[Third Age]], it is the most prominent kingdom of the three, and has its capital in the city of [[Fornost]].

  • Rhudaur

    Rhudaur is the eastern most kingdom of what was once [[Arnor]]. In 1408 of the [[Third Age]], Rhudaur has been all but reduced to a puppet state by the [[Witch King]], with hillmen swearing loyalty to the [[Witch King]] in order to gain his support in …

  • Maig Tuira

    Ten miles west of the River Bruinen, across the downs, is the fortified village, Maig Tuira (D "Home of the Tuira"). It is typical of the Dunnish tribal villages of Rhudaur, and notable primarily because of its northern location. Dangerous, but able to …

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