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  • Arnor

    "Arnor":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arnor is this kingdom in which most of our campaign will focus. Arnor was once the kingdom in the north for the [[Dunadan]], however, it has been fractured into three kingdoms: [[Arthedain]], [[Cardolan]] and [[Rhudaur …

  • Arthedain

    Athedain is one of the kingdoms of [[Arnor]]. In 1408 of the [[Third Age]], it is the most prominent kingdom of the three, and has its capital in the city of [[Fornost]].

  • Rhudaur

    Rhudaur is the eastern most kingdom of what was once [[Arnor]]. In 1408 of the [[Third Age]], Rhudaur has been all but reduced to a puppet state by the [[Witch King]], with hillmen swearing loyalty to the [[Witch King]] in order to gain his support in …

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